Winter Story 2008

This will be always remembered as the year our flight from London to Vancouver was cancelled and the Winter Story production schedule was thrown into disarray along with our travel plans.
Our little ones like to explore interfaces, so be prepared to experiment a little bit to unlock navigation in some areas —┬áif clicking alone doesn’t appear to work try dragging objects!

7 thoughts on “Winter Story 2008”

  1. Lael, thanks for your story. The bit with the soccer ball really surprised me. What a crash! I enjoy reading your stories every year and look forward to your story next year! Happy New Year to you and your family.
    Jonathan M.

  2. Lael,
    How did you know I needed to clean my apartment!
    Although I’m sorry to hear that your travel plans had to change at the last minute, I am glad that you didn’t let bad weather stop you from creating your annual Winter Story. All your readers would have been terribly disappointed.
    Thank you for entertaining me and reminding me not to let my vacuum get too full.
    Say hello and happy new year to your family for me please!

  3. Hi Lael! I just read your winter story and I love it! Sometimes I feel like the silly man : )
    Hope you and your family have a fantastic winter and 2009!

  4. Hi Lael,
    I just arrived home to Canada on Saturday. I heard that there was a lot of snow while I was away!
    Thanks for sending along this year’s winter story. I hope you had a nice holiday with your family.

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