16 thoughts on “Winter Story 2006”

  1. Thanks Lael for the story…and Elisa + Jonathan for emailing it to us.
    Happy Christmas to all of you!

  2. How lovely, Lael! Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family
    love from Marlin, Christine, and Barclay

  3. that wus grate. i like it
    it wus excellent
    it wus cute i wunder wut wus in
    thy big pressent
    i noteest that 1 of the pressents
    wer shapt as a bell. how did you
    macke the so good ranedeer.
    did you counte the elfs. it looks lick a lote. did you do it with your daddy. can you send back.
    marry christmas. my mommy put oll are pressents under are tree to go to are grammus house we sleep over
    thar every christmas and
    we youjully have 4
    pressents unnder are tree.
    at home byaxudent on my
    christmas list i forgot to put sum
    toys on my list
    from Reese.!

  4. wonderful, lael! and elisa & jonathan. thank you for reading it to us tonight and making the reindeer fly. merry christmas! see you soon miss princess — erika and chris

  5. Hi Lael,
    Happy Chanakah, Quanza, Solstice, and Christmas!
    What a wonderful surprise to see your website update note in my mailbox. My favourite part of the story were all the hearts. Yet another great addition to the holiday series – have you thought about branching out to other holidays?
    Enjoy your holidays,

  6. Many Huy ChewxA’s
    to Lael for always delivering such a warm and much looked forward to x-mas story every year…
    to Niamh for being a new and beaautiful face in the family and friendship circle
    to Elisa for being an extraordinary mom and forward thinking artist
    and to jonathan for being his wonderous, curious and exceptionally grounded and generous artist and educator…
    you are all an inspiration to our family and Kay’A’Tch’Tn!
    (our hands go up to you all!)
    Happy Solstice, Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year to you all!
    Huy Mal7h!
    T’Uy’Tanat & Senaqwila!

  7. Happy new year gang. Lael, your story was better then any of the christmas movies i watched this year.
    lots of love, water and sunshine for the seeds you all plant for the upcoming year.

  8. Lael,
    I loved your story, especially the purple elf and the way Santa brushed the reindeer. I bet they really liked that! Very best wishes to you and your family for a good New Year! –Leslie

  9. Hi Lael,
    Thank you for sending your story to us. Liam clapped his hands when Santa’s sleigh started flying, and Tristan was inspired to write a story of his own.
    Your illustrations are fabulous!
    Keep up the story writing!

  10. we loved the brightly coloured elves especially when three carried that really BIG present!
    Hope you all had a great Christmas. Look forward to seeing you soon.
    much love
    m and h xxx

  11. that was beautiful, Leal, could you please teach me how to do that, so Ryan can make stories like that? He will love it.
    We just got back from Mexico, I hope you had a nice Christmas.
    Thalia, Martin, Ryan and Maya Kroll

  12. It was a delight to review your web story this morning. I like the message of tolerance for those who are different than others. Your art work is whimsical and imaginative. I see this is part of a series, i hope you will consider publishing these in future.
    Mrs. D. Mission Home Learners

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