7 thoughts on “Winter Story 2013”

  1. I love your song…it’s so interesting to watch this video and see how you’ve adapted it with your own creativity.

    Bravo! I’d love to hear you sing it for me and teach it to others!

  2. Hurray! I feel very bouncy after that. Thanks Lael and Niamh (not forgetting Jon and Elisa) that was great fun and a most enjoyable start to Christmas. Alfie has been singing that tune and I think he will really like this story. Much love xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Lael and Niamh,
    Thank you so much for the winter cheer! I was convinced with the introduction of each new animal that they were my favourite, right up until the next introduction that then became my favourite. Loved them all the movement and kooky personalities you added it (oops, i’m upside down!) Keep up this wonderful holiday tradition (I LOVE that you collaborated with each other this year) Best wishes to your entire family (hello to Jonathan & Elisa)
    Happy New Year,

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